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Why choose Life is Art Weddings - How we do things differently

It can be daunting when entering the world of wedding planning, some people choose to outsource this to a dedicated planner, others get stuck in and go it alone. Whichever method you choose, how your special day is captured still remains one of your biggest decisions!

For most couples, first on the list is photography. Unfortunately, for now at least - videography is still second fiddle to photography and one of the last things booked. We are here to change that way of thinking. I mean, is there a better way to relive one of the most magical days of your lives than with video? Seeing in live action, your day captured in the most organic and natural way possible. Friends and family smiling, laughing and sharing good times. Hearing the vows and speeches - not just remembering them…it's a no brainer to us!

Now… why choose Life is Art Weddings over what seems like every man and his camera? Great question. Well, we challenge you to find a more dedicated and passionate team of award winning videographers, producing cinematic, story led wedding films…especially for the price! Weddings are something we have an unfaltering passion for. We invest ourselves deeply into each wedding, delivering a personal and friendly approach to each couple. We are about to capture and share every single moment of the biggest day of your lives - its a comfort for you to know what we are about.

What we do a little different:

(If you’ve got this far, we’re hoping you’ve been onto our main website page and have seen the 2 collections we offer, if not then please do check that out first)

  • Cinematic, story led wedding films

Creative story telling is what we do best. Every couple and their story is unique, and every wedding film should be too. We pride ourselves on creating emotive and narrative based wedding films that can be watched and re watched for years to come. Each time seeing something different!

We made a conscious decision to separate the full ceremony and speech edit from the main video. We understand they are an important part for couples, so we wanted to make sure we can still offer them as stand alone edits, yet not compromising the flow and excitement of the days story led edit.

  • Separate full ceremony & Speech edits

As said above, with our Full Feature collection we include a full ceremony & speech edit separate to the main video. Allowing you yo relive two main points of your wedding without having to skip through the entire video.

  • Footage

Regardless of the collection you choose, we film every single wedding in the same way. We make sure we capture every key moment. If later down the line you decide you want to upgrade the to full feature collection? No problem! We shoot to ensure this is possible. Not a moment missed! Want a full ceremony edit added? We’ve got you covered!

- Music Selection

Without going into the expensive world of music rights to your favourite pop song, we have a database of original pieces that we use to enhance the emotions and atmosphere of the day. We feel that is another part of our unique approach. As musicians ourselves, music to us is just as important as the visuals.

  • Going the extra mile

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our couples. We are with both the bridal party and groomsmen at the morning preparation stage. A lot of photographers and videographers only focus on the bridal preparations, but gents, it’s as much your big day - we don’t you to feel left out! (you didn’t get a fresh trim for no reason) Another point we make is staying until we have everything we need. You won’t see us leave right after the first dance, you’ve spent all this time and energy to put on the biggest party for you and your guests, why wouldn’t you want the dance floor and reception covered??