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The Bouquet Throw - are we ditching traditions?

Weddings are usually full of traditions passed down from generation to generation for no real reason other than “its tradition”. A quick google behind the reason for the bouquet throw, pulls up many different theories, but are we ditching these in the modern age?

From Brides launching their good fortune onto other single ladies in the hope of passing on the marriage baton, to a brides attempt to distract and evade the hoards of wedding guests, as to escape to the bridal chamber. Is it really relevant nowadays?

At Life is Art Weddings we have seen less and less bridal bouquet throws at our weddings, maybe less than a quarter have done a staged bouquet throw. At our pre wedding meetings with couples, it is always a question we ask and surprisingly a majority of the times the bride responds with “I haven’t even thought of that”. Now, we highly recommend a planned bouquet throw! and here’s why:

Our job is to creatively tell the story of your big day. What better way to do this than capturing the traditions that people know and love as a part of your wedding day. Visually it’s perfect for us to get creative with - especially when we have a team able to shoot multiple angles amongst the frenzy, as the female guests clamber for the sort after flying floral torpedo! Captured in a blend of super slow motion and crisp 6k of course…

When you look back on your wedding day, it’s a moment to look back on and see… did it really work? Did Tina from accounts really get married after catching the bouquet?

Either way you look at it, it really isn’t the most important part of your special day but we think its a great moment to capture and would recommend to have it in.