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Is your church wedding video friendly?

At Life is Art Weddings we’ve filmed at a variety of stunning churches across the UK and worldwide, covering different religious denominations.

Our experience has led us to work alongside many different vicars, priests and religious leaders delivering a variety of wedding ceremony styles.

We have encountered different levels of cooperation with the church - some are very accommodating and have given us free rein to ensure we capture the ceremony the best way possible, whereas others have been more restrictive in terms of space we’re allowed to occupy. We always adapt and overcome to ensure we've captured the ceremony without being intrusive to you or the church congregation, but some establishments are easier than others!

Video is becoming more and more popular with couples as another way, alongside photography, to capture and relive the memories of the biggest day of your lives.

We would highly recommend speaking to your priest or vicar prior to the wedding day to make them aware there will be videographers, as well as photographers capturing the ceremony. This will help keep things as stress free as possible!

Here's our recommended CHURCH CHECK LIST for your video team:

- Are there any restrictions on what can be filmed?

- Can the video team take audio of the priest delivering the service using a personal lapel microphone? If not allowed, is the a built in church sound system the team can record from instead?

- Where are the team allowed to be positioned? Can a compromise babe made?

- Are there to be readings? If so, where?

Pre-wedding location meetings are always a great way to bring this subject up. At Life is Art Weddings one of the team will always be available to meet with you and the church to go through the process - ensuring there will be a clear understanding between the video team and the church. Another handy thing would be to swap contact details between your video and photography team, prior to the big day. That way we can prevent the classic standoff at the first kiss and isle walk!

In conclusion we LOVE church weddings! With buildings steeped in history and fantastic architecture making for incredible footage for your wedding video. Clear communication and understanding between photographers, videographers and the church will make sure your day is captured to the highest standard and not a moment missed.

Bride & Groom walking down the aisle